Well it’s that time of year again. Hardly no sun and lots of clouds, which makes it hard to photograph. *sigh. It was cloudy everyday this week until now. At least it hasn’t snowed yet. There’s no chance of snow in the 2 week forecast according to weather.com. Yay! I’ve been inspired by all those […]


Lightened up breaded baked little chicken bites tossed in delicious buffalo wing sauce, wrapped with quinoa and fresh veggies in a leaf of buttery lettuce. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps make a delicious light lunch or dinner – like a salad you can eat with your hands! I think hot sauce might be the greatest condiment […]

21 Day Fix Buffalo Chicken Bites

Since starting the 21 day fix I haven’t been too adventurous with trying recipes. I did however find a recipe for Boneless Buffalo Wings that was amazing here!!!! It’s the perfect “cheat” meal and when I say cheat I mean you feel like you are cheating. I have made delicious baked chicken wings before and […]