Caramel Apple Upside-Down Cake – A sweet and moist cake that’s perfect for Fall! I love summer, but I have to say that I’m kind of excited that September is finally here. Not only does it mean cooler weather, but it also means apples are in season. It also means that it’s time to break […]

Wendy’s Copycat Frosty Recipe

When it comes down to eating out for dessert, a classic Wendy’s Frosty is pretty much the biggest weakness I used to have. I mean come on, they only cost $0.99 for the smallest size and taste so good. Don’t get me started on the flavor combination of dipping the french fries in the frosty. […]

Pecan Pie Bread Pudding

Pecan Pie Bread Pudding is actually Pecan Pie without the crust. Instead, the filling is poured over a delicious bread pudding and baked to perfection! It’s Pecan Pie infused heaven!! I’ve been on a Pecan Pie theme lately. When I started this, I intended to make a Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding, but after I got […]


Delicious Moist & Crunchy Cookies full to the brim with chunks of Terry’s Chocolate Orange – heavenly. I have ALWAYS adored Chocolate + Orange flavouring together – especially Terry’s Chocolate Orange – it sounds like an odd combination at first if you haven’t tried it, but once you have, you will never forget it! Literally […]

Fresh Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

My sweet Abby turned seven a few weeks ago, and we finally got around to having her birthday party this last weekend (yes, we’re terrible parents). We had a nice brunch with my family and it was fun to celebrate our cute (and growing way too fast!) seven year old. I wanted to make an […]

No churn easy pumpkin pie ice cream

if you asked my friends who have known me since childhood, or at least high school, what they remember about my house, they would probably say something like, “man, there was always a party happening over there!” followed shortly by, “dude, you remember her dad made the best ice cream? …. memories, man… so good.” […]