roasted veggie pitas with avocado dip

Top o’ the Roasted Veggie Pita with Avocado Dip Monday to ya! Bleh. Do you just want to kick me sometimes? There is only one reason that it is a Top O’ The Monday kind of morning, and it is not the fact that I’m battling a throat-attacking cold, or the fact that we are […]


Even though I feel like January is the anti-desserts month, my sweet tooth didn’t get the message. Thankfully the muffins won’t jeopardize your New Year’s resolutions and are skinny jeans-friendly. It’s a dump-everything-all-at-once into one bowl and stir recipe, my favorite kind. The muffins are very soft, moist, super springy, have wonderful chewiness, and great […]


A creamy and healthy berry oat breakfast smoothie is the perfect start to the day! Whip one up in minutes and enjoy it’s oaty fruity flavor! Good morning! Or afternoon. Or midnight. I have no idea when you’ll be reading this. But hopefully at some point you’ll be taking a quick glance at this in […]


Perfectly fluffy oatmeal pancakes topped with banana, strawberries, and a kiss of dark chocolate chips, these Banana Split Pancakes are a healthy spin on dessert pancakes! Pancakes are easily one of my favorite treats. Dare I say I love them more than actual cake? I do! Seriously! In fact when my sweet tooth gets out […]

Spinach & Bean Burrito Wrap

You’ll love that our Spinach & Bean Burrito Wraps not only tastes amazing, but they are also packed with with tons of nutrients! Each wrap has a whopping 13 grams of protein and one whole cup of spinach. These yummy wraps are a perfect choice for Meatless Mondays! Ingredients: 6 cups baby spinach, loosely packed […]


This dish comes to you by way of my craving for something salty and sweet and my Southern heart, of course. If you’ve never had strawberry pretzel salad in all of its Cool Whip glory, you haven’t lived. Befriend a blue-haired lady at Church, offer to mow her lawn and she’ll make you a strawberry […]


If you love chicken salad, you know there’s one ingredient you must AVOID if you’re on a weight loss plan… MAYONNAISE This ingredient is killer for your waistline and your overall health. And the “low fat” or “no fat” options for mayonnaise are also a no-go. So you’ll be happy to know that I created […]

Skinny Chicken Taco Salad with Lime Chili Chicken

We love tacos, so this Chicken Taco Salad is a big hit in our house. My husband has been in a huge salad kick. I am not the type who can just eat a boring salad over and over again. I need to change it up and I need to feel full after eating my […]

Spinach Artichoke Mac and Cheese

At the age of five, I could self-navigate to two distinct areas of the grocery store: the cereal aisle and the boxed macaroni and cheese aisle. While I haven’t quite outgrown my fondness for Cinnamon Life or Honey Nut Cheerios, ever since I started making macaroni and cheese from scratch, those blue and yellow boxes […]